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Extruded Trellis Netting

Gardien the Protector™ Trellis Netting is an extruded polypropylene netting manufactured to support climbing plants and vines.

Syfilco's Extruded Trellis Netting can be implemented in a garden, field, or greenhouse as an apparatus to vertically or horizontally support climbing plants and vines. Recently, trellis netting has demonstrated its effectiveness with authorized cannabis producers as it helps direct the growth of the canopy and provide support to the developing marijuana buds.

Trellis Netting Properties

  • UV Stabilized

  • Life Expectancy: 5 + years

  • Mesh Sizes: 6" x 6", 5" x 5"

  • Colours: Clear, Green, Yellow, Blue

Conserve Space

Growing vertically with Trellis Netting allows growers to maximize valuable ground space.

Reduce Ground Rot

Produce supported by Trellis Netting is in less contact with the ground therefore reducing ground rot.

Reach Through Mesh

Trellis Netting has large mesh design allowing growers to easily inspect and harvest produce.

Increased Exposure

Growing vertically with Trellis Netting increases plant exposure to sunlight and air resulting in healthier plants.

Trellis Netting Roll Sizes

  • 48" x 3280'

  • 60" x 3280'

  • 72" x 3280'

  • 78” x 1500’

  • 78” x 3280’

Contact Syfilco

For more information or product specifications, please contact: Syfilco Ltd.

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