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Drainage Filter

GEO-KNIT® Drainage Filter is a knitted fabric sleeve manufactured for application on subsurface corrugated drainage pipe.

Syfilco has been producing Geo-Knit® Drainage Filter for over 40 years.

Our filter sock provides the right size of opening so that only the fine particles of a particular soil move through the filter and get discharged with the drain water. With the filter sock installed onto perforated drainage pipe, coarse soil will then remain trapped around the immediate vicinity of the filter drain which improves the soil permeability. This in turn enhances water entry and greatly increases the operational efficiency of the drainage system.


Agricultural and Construction

Syfilco Geo-Knit® Filter has a proven track record in the agricultural market.

Our filter sock is receiving increased recognition for use in residential applications and in road and highway construction.  We have a number of products available for highway construction jobs and our continual testing in our lab ensures Syfilco Geo-Knit® Filter meets the high standards set.


Ultra Violet Protection

Geo-Knit® Black UV Filter is the answer when longer exposure to the sun on the job site is a concern.


Geo-Knit® Properties

  • Syfilco Geo-Knit® Filter is a 100% polyester continuous seamless sleeve.

  • Micromesh, run-resistant construction.

  • Inert to most soil chemicals, including alkaline, weak acids and salts.

  • Available in sizes for 50 mm. to 600 mm. (2" - 24") drainage pipe.



Syfilco Geo-Knit® Filter is sold through manufacturers of quality plastic drain pipe.  Ask your drainage contractor or drain pipe supplier for Syfilco Geo-Knit® Drainage Filter.


Syfilco Fitting Bags

Also available are Syfilco Fitting Bags designed for packaging all types of drainage fittings.

Go to: Fitting Bags Page


Contact Syfilco

For more information or product specifications, please contact: Syfilco Ltd.

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