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Icewine Vineyard Netting

Gardien the Protector™ Icewine Vineyard Netting is a knitted polyethylene netting manufactured for use in icewine grape production.

By working extensively alongside the grape grower, Syfilco has developed its Gardien the Protector™ brand of Icewine Vineyard Netting.


Icewine Vineyard Netting Properties

  • Green knitted polyethylene

  • 3/8” honeycomb mesh

  • Center line marker for installation ease

  • 2” selvage edge for closure

  • UV stabilized - Multiple season use


Product Brochure

Gardien the Protector™ Icewine Netting

Contact Syfilco

For more information or product specifications, please contact: Syfilco Ltd.

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