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Pallet Net Wrap

Gardien the Protector™ Pallet Net Wrap is a knitted polyethylene netting manufactured for the wrapping of temperature sensitive pallet loads.

Syfilco has been producing Pallet Net Wrap for the past 20 years.  Our Pallet Netting is a tough and rugged knitted polyethylene wrap.  It is designed for holding temperature sensitive pallet loads.  The open mesh design offers unrestricted air flow around the pallet load.  It minimizes product spoilage caused by trapped condensation or rapid changes in temperature.  Listed below are some advantages of Pallet Net Wrap:

No Restriction to Air Flow

The open mesh design does not restrict air flow around the pallet load while in storage or in transit to its destination.


Performs Well in all Temperatures

Variances is temperature does not affect the performance of Pallet Net Wrap.


Labels and Printing Remain Visible

Expensive labels and printing are still visible when the Net Wrap has been applied.


Retains Integrity During Transport

Pallet Net Wrap not only maintains a breathable pallet load but also ensures a secure pallet load during transit.


Easily Tied Off | No Need for Clips or Fasteners

When applying Pallet Netting you are able to tie the netting off to itself eliminating the need for clips or fasteners.


Reduces Spoilage from Condensation

There is a reduction in product spoilage because the Pallet Netting provides a breathable environment regardless of changes in temperature.


Our Pallet Netting is 20” wide and manufactured onto a 3” inner diameter core.

Available roll lengths are: 2500’, 5000’ and 10,000’.

Product Brochure

Gardien the Protector™ Pallet Net Wrap


Contact Syfilco

For more information or product specifications, please contact: Syfilco Ltd.

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