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Bale Net Wrap

Gardien the Protector™ Bale Net Wrap is a knitted polyethylene netting manufactured for the wrapping of round crop bales.


Syfilco has been producing round bale net wrap for over 30 years. We are the only Canadian manufacturer of hay bale net wrap.  Over the years bale netting has become an attractive alternative to twine for the wrapping of round hay bales.  Our knitted bale net wrap has the following advantages when compared to twine:


Reduced Time to Wrap
Only 2 -3 revolutions to wrap, means more bales per hour, less wear and tear on equipment, plus a savings in fuel.

Smooth Lay-Flat Bale Surface

The open mesh wrap will force the stalks down against the bale surface, resulting in a more weather resistant bale.  Without twine "valleys" to collect rain, water penetration and spoilage is reduced by up to 50%. This reduction in spoil will more than pay for the cost of the netting.


Ideal for Silage Bales
The smooth netting surface saves on the use of stretch film.  When ready to feed, film and netting are removed together, as one unit.

Easy Removal
The netting is easy to cut and remove, with no fear of lost ends and also offers reduced bulk in disposal.


End of Roll Marking
The last 75 meters (246') on the roll of Syfilco Net Wrap will produce an "End of Roll Marking", a coloured warning stripe in the center of the wrapped bale.

This is a convenient warning to tell you the roll needs replacement.


Improved Quality of Hay
Depending on the hay, netting improves leaf retention, thus improving the protein content in the hay.


Switch to Net Wrap

All you need is a round baler designed to use net wrap and most major baler manufacturers now offer a variety of models.  If you farm or sell farm supply products in Canada, consider Syfilco Bale Net Wrap.  If it’s not made in Canada it is not Gardien the Protector™ Net Wrap.


Sizing Chart

Roll Width
Roll Length
1.2m (48”)
3000m (9843’)
1.3m (51”)
3000m (9843’)
1.6m (64”)
2134m (7000’)
1.6m (64”)
2440m (8000’)
1.7m (67”)
2134m (7000’)

Product Brochure

Gardien the Protector™ Bale Net Wrap

Contact Syfilco

For more information or product specifications, please contact: Syfilco Ltd.

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