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The Shademaster™

Syfilco is the manufacturer and supplier of the exclusive shade fabric used in The Shademaster™ Sun Shelters.

This knitted fabric has many unique characteristics that greatly enhance the performance of these units. The colour is extruded into the synthetic fibre to retain its sharp colour for years. It is stabilized against the sun’s ultra violet radiation. Due to its knitted structure, the fabric has stretch and recovery in it allowing for a consistent tight fit. The knitted construction locks the synthetic fibres in place to resist tearing.

The Shademaster™ Sun Shelters block up to 90% of harmful UV rays. The temperature is reduced by 15ºF under the shelter. The fabric also breathes allowing air movement. The unit has a sturdy aluminum frame which is easy to assemble. Rain hoods, side panels, insect screens are all available for these units. They are available in a number of colours and range from prominent stripes, light stripes, or simply solid colours.  Listed below are a number of available accessories:

The Rainliner

Made of woven polyethylene and is sewn to the shape of the structure. It comes down slightly over the eaves to allow the water to run off. Install the rainliner under the shade cover for permanent protection or over for occasional use.

The Mosquito Net

Transform The Shademaster™ into an elegant dining tent. The mosquito net comes with 4 zipper entrances and a unique sleeve system for easy installation.

The Side Panel

Great for extra sun and wind protection! Use one, two, three or even four for total privacy! Each side panel is made of the same fabric used for the shade cover with a sleeve that slides easily over the poles. The privacy panel comes down to approximately 25’ off the ground. (not compatible with mosquito netting as they both slide over 
the eaves poles)

Tie Down System

Secure The Shademaster™ structure to a wooden deck or concrete surface while maintaining a desired degree of flexibility. This system allows the structure to move slightly with the wind thus reducing the risk of pole damage.

Sonotex Inc.

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*Shademaster™ is an exclusive trademark of Sonotex Products Inc.

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